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  • Check the Fridge! Adding to 25 Game
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  • Check the Fridge! Adding to 25 Game
  • Check the Fridge! Adding to 25 Game

Check the Fridge! Adding to 25 Game

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How To Play

In this bluffing game, players collect cards that add to 25.

Some players offer the cards you need. Others are bluffing. Be clever in who you trust or you may be left with smelly cheese!

Age: 8+

Contents: 63 cards and illustrated rules.

MATH: Adding to 25

Add to 25 using 5x5, 10+15, 6+4+15, and more. So many ways to master adding to 25, all while avoiding the smelly cheese!

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How to Play

  • 1. You Ask

    Collect the most Sets of 25. Start with 5 dealt cards and ask the group for any cards you need to make a full Set of 25.

  • 2. They Offer

    All players offer you cards face down. If they have what you asked for, they must offer it. If not, they can bluff.

  • 3. You pick

    Select one player's offered cards. Get points for every Set of 25 you make. Be careful. If you get the stinky cheese card, you lose points at the end!