Melon Rind Clumsy Thief - Customer Reviews

Clumsy Thief Customer Reviews

Great Family Game!     - April 22,2014

My son (age 6, good at math) loves math and money, so I thought he'd like this game. He LOVES it. We brought it to a friend's house yesterday and the two kids played it for ages, and his friend (age 7) kept asking his parents if they could get it for him. I'm not really a game person, but even I like this one!

It's quick, entertaining, and the speed with which the money changes sides means you can't focus too long on whether you're winning or losing (which can sometimes trip up my son, who is still learning to be a good sport). It's good math practice, and encourages quick reflexes. I also like that it's fun for 2 players, or for a group -- the 2 player game just moves slower, which works well for younger kids. 


Nirvana: Kids having so much fun they forgot they were doing math.   - February 28, 2014

My 7 year old and his 7 year old and 10 year old friends have been playing this game for hours. They love stealing the card packs back and forth. They have been having so much fun I;m pretty sure they forgot they were practicing their math.

I like the originality of the game and the fun illustrations. The kids have been creating their own variations on the game rules. The card set and idea of stealing is so fun that they have been able to adapt it.

I recommend this for kids starting at age 6 or 7 and going to 11 or 12.


Fun math game for a broad range of ages.  - February 24, 2014

Fast paced card game that is math mixed with Ruckus (earlier age matching game that's still good for all ages) built in. If you have started teaching money addition to your children, they should be able to work with this game. Our 1st grader can manage the computations and our 3rd grader who is strong in math benefits from playing with adults for a challenge of speed of addition but also incorporating strategy. Fun game that is solidly in our rotation.