About us New

I became interested in math games when my son was in third grade. David loved stories, art and anything involving imagination, but avoided math.

He understood the math concepts. He just wasn't fluent in the basic skills (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). Because of that, he was hesitant to even begin tackling a simple word problem. The best way to get fluent in something is to do it so much it becomes second nature. That’s the idea behind math sheets and flash cards. But this energetic boy would shut down mentally when I’d bring out the math sheets for a “fun” review. 

Trying a different approach, I searched stores and asked parents and teachers for great math games. We couldn’t seem to find a math game that was incredibly fun and reinforced math skills. So we collaborated and created our own. 

Clumsy Thief came out October 2013 and has won numerous awards and recognition. We’ve been playing it in classrooms, math fairs and conferences. It’s currently selling in museum gift shops and specialty stores across the country. Encouraged by the overwhelming response to our first game, our Melon Rind team is busy producing more games scheduled to come out this spring.

We hope you enjoy our game and let us know what you think!


– Jeanie Mehran, Founder of Melon Rind