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Classroom Club

Get discounts when you join our Classroom Club!
Learn how it works below.

Select whether you’re a parent or a teacher.

Step 1

Get The Code

Have your teacher sign up for our Classroom Club. Your teacher will be provided with a code that you can use to receive discounts on games you order.

Step 2

Order Games Online

Go shopping! Select the games from our web site and add them to your cart. When you’re done shopping continue to the check out page. Enter your school’s address as the shipping address. 

At check out, type in your school code in the “Gift card or discount code” section. Hit the apply button to receive discounts and free shipping.

Step 3

Pick Up At School

Your games will be delivered to your classroom. Your teacher will distribute the games to your kids to bring home. Enjoy!

Step 1

Sign Up

Get started by clicking here to receive your discount code.

Step 2

Parents Buy

Give that code to your parents. Using the code, parents can purchase games online at a discount.

Step 3

Teacher Distributes

After parents have made their purchases, the games will be delivered to your classroom. Distribute the games to the kids to bring home.

Step 4

Classroom Gets Free Games!

For every 10 games parents purchase with your code, a game of your choice will be donated to your classroom. Happy playing!

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