Melon Rind - Parents' Choice Review

Parents' Choice Review

Clumsy Thief is a card game where players match money cards in pairs that add up to $100, then steal piles from others by topping the cards with other money to make a new pair or by using a Thief card. Thieves can be stopped with Jail cards. 
Each player starts with seven cards and places all pairs of cards that add up to $100 face up on the table. Then on "Go!" any player may steal another player's card stacks by a) pairing the top card of a pile to make a new $100 total, b) by topping a money (or thief) card with a thief, or c) by topping a thief card with a jail card. After each round all players draw one more card and the game continues similarly. The game ends when one player uses up all his/her cards or the deck is used up. As one would imagine, the player with the most money wins. A fun way to practice addition and observation skills. 
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