Melon Rind - National Parenting Center Review

The National Parenting Center Review

Sometimes the most delightful finds come from the most unexpected places. Melon Rind, a self-described eclectic group of cartoonists, teachers, writers and hobbyists have released their first game and it’s a winner! 
Clumsy Thief is a wildly fun, fast-paced group game that is whimsical yet intense. Parents told us that playing this game allowed the whole family to be ruthless, greedy, cut-throat and rude—all while giggling, grabbing, shouting, and generally having a terrific time each and every time they played. 
The execution of the game from the brilliantly designed box to the fun to read instructions and the great illustrations on the cards, makes this game fire on all cylinders. As if any icing was needed on this already delicious cake, there are math-like calculations constantly being used while you play, meaning bonus learning time (don’t tell your kids)! Great for travel and for holiday gift giving. 
One important note, while the game says it is good for 2-6 players, testers highly recommend that you play with a minimum of 4.