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  • Clumsy Thief Math game, a kids math game for adding to 100 created by Melon Rind
  • Clumsy Thief - Money Game

Clumsy Thief - Money Game

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How To Play

In this hilarious snatching game everything is changing hands. A round starts with players laying down two cards that add to $100 from their dealt hand. On "GO!" all players can take other players stacks.

Take a stack if you have a card in your hand that makes $100 when added to the top card of your opponent's stack. Thief cards take money cards. Jail cards stop the Thief. Every player joins the fun!

Ages: 8+

Contents: 93 colorful cards and rules.

MATH: Adding to 100

Kids will master the most common ways to make 100.

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How to Play

  • 1. deal cards

    Deal each player seven cards. Place three cards face down in the center. Look for two cards in your hand that add to exactly 100.

  • 2. Make stack of $100

    If you have two cards that add to $100, stack them face up on the table. Turn over the three center cards.

  • 3. Take Stacks

    Take a stack if you have a card that makes $100 when added to the top card of any stack or center card. Thief cards can take any stack. The player with the most stacks wins!

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